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The Consummate Courtesan

Evening Floats
A Clandestine Encounter.

I follow your voice and whisper your name.
Offering all of me to you. My heart, mind, body and soul.

In quiet I listen to your passions, and yearnings, truths, and desires.
Your words stimulate the pleasure centers of my mind.
They send shivers of sensual delight. A deep longing for connection.
I welcome your touch.

Closing my eyes for a moment, I feel a tingle of excitement running up the back of my neck.
Exploring endlessly.
Becoming emotionally exposed.
The basis of true intimacy.

Delicious dimensions of the physical, mental and emotional.
In search of the magnificient and the mystical.

Rising in and out of fantasy and ecstasy

You and I. Aroused again. Evening Floats.


2hrs - 1200

4hrs - $2000

6hrs 3500

Overnight 12-14hrs $5000

24 hrs $6000

48 hrs $10,000

One Week $20,000

* 2 hour Dinner Date - Meet and Greet $600 *
This is for those wanting to meet for a longer time - Overnight or Longer, and would like to meet first over a dinner to see our compatability.
The amount will then be discounted off of the longer meeting rate.

If you are interested in longer arrangements please enquire.


I am a mix of Caribbean, Indian and British decent. Physicality, I have ebony smooth skin, a long slender neck, long graceful limbs, and am wonderfully sensitive in all areas.

Height: 5'9


Meaurements: 32C-24 - 34

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Languages: English

Nationality : Canadian and British Virgin Islands

Hobbies: Fine Art, Sailing, Exotic Travel, Literature Yoga, Dance, Theatre, Photography, Golf.

Interests: Poetry, World Events, Charitable Work, Design, Bazaars, Linguistics, Sensory Pleasures, You and I.

Discover Toronto in the company of a modern courtesan

The beauty of the modern life is to be able to go everywhere and arrange things in a matter of minutes. Traveling is made so much easier by the internet in a variety of ways; first of all you can watch weather reports for almost any place in the world. You can see through live cams what it looks like and even contact escorts there to ask yourself. Before all of this one would go to, let's say, Toronto without knowing anyone there, but today you can get to know people living where you are going, so you can meet up once you are there. You can even look up an escort Paris and ask her if she would like to travel with you to the destination.

Everyone loves to travel

Each lady will say 'yes' to traveling, just because it is their most favorite thing to do, after shopping of course. Escorts love it especially, since it is a part of their job to go around and meet new places and people. A modern courtesan will never say no to a good trip, even more so if it is to a destination that she has never been to before. However, you will need to look up these ladies and find ways to meet them, so you can arrange everything. Firstly you need to know where to go in order to get a chance to meet them. One of the best places for that is 6annonce, there you will get to see the lady, read about all the things she likes and even contact her. In case the escort Paris is available, she will jump right on that plane with you and go wherever you might want. Thankfully, you can find some ideas on that here, as well. Every stunning lady loves to explore Europe, go to old cities with small cute cafes and just soak the sun in. But she might already seen it all, so you should think a little wider and maybe take her to Toronto.

Where should you both go?

Canada is one of the most interesting and special countries in the world, it is the place of origin of the famous maple syrup and it is huge. More interesting is that besides Canadian English they speak there also Canadian French, which is a good thing for you and your escort Paris from This way you both will be able to go wherever you want in the country and get to understand all you hear. Toronto is certainly one of the best places you should go to, and in order to find out what to explore there with your escorts here are a few tips.

The CN tower will give you both the best view of the city, and not only that. On the top you will find a really nice restaurant where you can go at night and enjoy not only the food, but also the wonderful lights of the city. Escorts will also be amazed to visit the Royal Ontario Museum, since they love art and enjoy exploring new things about different cultures. The building of this museum is an art piece of its own, a true masterpiece of architecture. The Toronto Islands should be your last stop, why - find it out yourself, but be prepared for lots of fun and an incredible time.